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    This website is devoted to the subject of Modern Physics in Medicine. Many of the techniques used in medicine are based on fundamental principles of physics. Prominent examples include imaging methods based on X-rays, ultrasound, MRI and positron emission tomography. Treatment methods often involve the use of radiation. In addition, valuable “tools” like the laser emerged from basic research in physics. Understanding of both the background and these applications is possible for anyone who has taken a one year course in introductory physics.

    The topic of medical physics has been taught at Penn State University for nearly a decade by Mark Strikman. The course’s subject matter includes both the basic principles (what is an atom, a nucleus, a laser….?) and their application in the many wonderful technologies (of diagnostics and treatment) that are used in modern medicine. This course has attracted students from quite varied backgrounds, including all areas of science and engineering. Out of the course has emerged a textbook, Applications of Modern Physics in Medicine, to be published by Princeton University Press. Its authors are Mark Strikman, Kevork Spartalian and Milton W. Cole. The table of contents of the book and its description are provided here.

    This website includes the following items: brief descriptions of the book’s authors and the book itself, a collection of lectures from Mark Strikman’s course (updated periodically), a bibliography, “reprints” of selected articles and lectures from individuals who have generously offered them to us for this purpose. We hope that you find these materials useful.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about material presented at this site.