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    Book Information

    Applications of Modern Physics in Medicine

    Mark Strikman, Kevork Spartalian and Milton W. Cole
    To be published by Princeton University Press

    Table of contents

    Abbreviations used in text
    Preface and guide to using this book
    Timeline of seminal discoveries in modern physics
    Timeline of discoveries and inventions in modern medical physics

    1. Introduction

    1.1 Overview

    1.2 Meaning of the term “modern physics

    1.3 Mortality

    1.4 How to use this book

    2. When you visit the doctor: the physics of the “vital signs”

    2.1 Introduction
    2.2 Stethoscope
    2.3 Sphygmomanometer and blood pressure
    2.4 Electrocardiogram
    2.5 Physics and physiology of diet, exercise and weight

    3. Particles, waves and the laws that govern them

    3.1 What is “modern physics”?
    3.2 Light: particle or wave?
    3.3 Atoms
    3.4 Lasers
    3.5 Relativity
    3.6 Nuclei
    3.7 X-rays and radioactivity

    4. Photon and charged-particle interactions with a medium

    4.1 Introduction
    4.2 Mean free path and cross sections
    4.3 Photon interactions
    4.4 Electron and positron interactions

    5. Diagnostic applications I: photons and radionuclides

    5.1 Overview
    5.2 Photons
    5.3 X-rays and gamma rays
    5.4 Radionuclides

    6. Diagnostic applications II: MRI and ultrasound

    6.1 Overview
    6.2 Magnetic resonance imaging
    6.3 Ultrasound

    7. Applications in treatment

    7.1 Radiobiology
    7.2 Treatment with radiation
    7.3 Treatment with ultrasound
    7.4 Treatment with microwaves
    7.5 Treatment with lasers


    A: Constants, powers of 10 and conversions mentioned in the text
    B. Mortality modeling
    C: Evaluation of the sound field from one transducer